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Prof. Aviral Kumar Tiwari

Prof. Aviral Kumar Tiwari is currently the Chairperson - Research and publications at the Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya (IIMBG). He is also an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya (IIMBG) in the Department of Economics and Business Environment. Prof. Tiwari is a C-EENRG fellow at the Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge, and Research Fellows, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

Prior to joining IIMBG, he worked as an Associate Professor at Rajagiri Business School (RBS), India, and Montpellier Business School (MBS), Montpellier, France from where he received his post-doc as well. After graduating with a degree in Economics from Lucknow University, Lucknow, India, he received his M.Phil. (Labour Economics) and Ph.D. (Energy and Environment) from ICFAI University Tripura. He is the only Economist from India who has been ranked in the career ranking of the World’s top 2% scientists list of 2021 published by a joint study of Stanford University and Elsevier, Netherlands. He is ranked at the first position in India as a researcher by IDEAS. He is an applied economist with broad empirical interests with a focus on but not limited to emerging economies in particular Asia. His research interests focus on various issues concerning energy, environment, tourism, macroeconomy, and growth & development, etc. 

He has authored 566+ publications including, research articles, critical reviews, bulletins, letters, analyses, and reports. He has published widely in peer-reviewed international journals and contributed more than 100 ABDC-A &A* research papers so far. He is one of the Highly Cited Researchers in 2020 and 2022 by Clarivate™ of Web of Science™. He is one of the recipients of the M.J. Manohar Rao Award (for young econometrician) for 2014 from The Indian Econometric Society, 2015. He is a Life member of the Indian Economic Association and a member of several other international associations such as the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE), USA, Association for Comparative Economic Studies, USA, Western Economic Association International, USA etc.

He holds different editorial positions in more than 10 journals of international repute (ABDC, Scopus and ABS indexed journals) published by Wiley, Elsevier, Emerald, Sage, Springer, Taylor & Francis, World Scientific, Inderscience and MDPI. He has been continuously serving among the scientific community as a Co-Editor-in-Chief: Advances in Decision Sciences; Co-Editors: Prague Economic Papers; Contributing Editors: Eastern European Economics; Senior Editor: IJOEM, as Associate Editor: Energy Economics (ABDC-A*) RIBAF, RQFA, Resources Policy, RPBFMP, APFM, Cogent EF, JSFI, JEAS, IJEPEE, IIMK-SMR, EJMBE, Heliyon, Arthaniti-JETP, and as a Guest-Editor: RSER, IREF, IJMF, JHTT, ANOR, JSM, JRFM, JCEBS. He is also associated as Editorial (Advisory) Board Member: MEQIJ, Data in Brief; American Business Review, and Journal of Global Information Management.

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