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Journal articles (international-peer reviewed)

  1. Sunil Kumar, Shiferaw Regassa Jufar, Sirish Kumar, Shashikala Kumari, Jalal Foroozesh, and Achinta Bera, “Underground Hydrogen Storage and Its Roadmap and Feasibility in India toward Net-Zero Target for Global Decarbonization”, Fuel, 350 (2023) P. 128849. (IF: 8.035)                  

  2. Musfika Rahman, Iskandar Dzulkarnain, Muhammed Rashik Mojid, Sunil Kumar, and Dandina Rao, “Recent Advancement in Pore-Scale Visualization of Multiphase Flow in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs through Micromodel: A Review, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 2023 (submitted). (IF: 5.168)                                                                                                                                      

  3. Tareq Mohammed Al-Shami, Shiferaw Regassa Jufar, Sunil Kumar, Hesham Abdulelah, Mohammed Bashir Abdullahi, Sameer Al-Hajri, and Berihun Mamo Negash, “A Comprehensive Review of Interwell Interference in Shale Reservoirs”, Earth Science Reviews, 237 (2023), P. 104327. (IF: 12.038)   

  4. M. B. Abdullahi, S. R. Jufar, Sunil Kumar, T. M. Al-shami, and M. D. Le, “Scale Dependent Elastic Wave Induce Fluid Flow and Wave Scattering in Heterogeneous Anisotropic Media - A Review”, Earth Science Reviews, 2023 (under review). (IF: 12.0380)

  5. M. B. Abdullahi, S. R. Jufar, Sunil Kumar, T. M. Al-shami, and M. D. Le, “Characteristics of SH-wave Propagation During Oil Reservoir Excitation Using BEM formulation in Half-Plane Model Representation”, International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, 162 (2023), P. 105303. (IF: 6.849)                                                                                                                                                 

  6. Shwetank Krishna, Gerhard Thonhauser, Sunil Kumar, Asad Elmgerbi, Kris Ravi, “Ultrasound Velocity Profiling Technique for Flowline Rheological Measurements: A Prospective Review”, Measurement, 205 (2022), P. 112152. (IF: 5.131)                                                                                        

  7. Haithm Hagar, Jalal Foroozesh, Sunil Kumar, Davood Zivar, Negar Banan, Iskandar Dzulkarnain, “Microbial H2S Generation in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs: Analysis of Mechanisms and Remediation Technologies”, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 106(2) (2022), P. 104729. (IF: 5.285)                                                                                                                                                   

  8. M. B. Abdullahi, S. R. Jufar, Sunil Kumar, and T. M. Al-shami, “Synergistic effect of Polymer-Augmented low salinity flooding for oil recovery efficiency in Illite-Sand porous media”, Journal of molecular liquid, 358 (2022), P. 119217. (IF: 6.663)                                                                             

  9. Achinta Bera, Sunil Kumar and Jalal Foroozesh, “Multiphysics gas transport in nanoporous unconventional reservoirs: Challenges of mathematical modelling”, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 103 (2022), P. 104649. (IF: 5.285)

  10. Shankar R, Satyam GP, Singh PK, Paswan RK, “Impact of geomorphometric parameters on the occurrence and distribution of landslides in Yamuna River Basin, North-Western Himalaya, India”, Journal of Mountain Science, 19 (2021). (IF: 2.7)

  11.  Tausif Ahmad, Chandan Guria, and Ajay Mandal. “Optimal synthesis of high fouling-resistant PVC-based ultrafiltration membranes with tunable surface pore size distribution and ultralow water contact angle for the treatment of oily wastewater” Separation and Purification Technology 257 (2021) 117829 (IF: 7.312)                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  12. Sunil Kumar and Jalal Foroozesh, “Chitin nanocrystals based complex fluids: A green nanotechnology”, Carbohydrate Polymers, 257 (2021), p. 117619. (IF: 10.732)                            

  13. Sunil Kumar, Aseem Pandey, Milana Trifkovic and Steven L. Bryant, “A facile and economical configuration for continuous generation and separation of oil in water emulsion”, Separation and Purification Technology, 256 (2021), p. 117849. (IF: 9.136)

  14. Paswan, R.K., Roy, M.P., Shankar, R. and Singh, P.K, “Blast Vibration and Fragmentation Control at Heavily Jointed Limestone Mine”, Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, 39 (2021), p. 3469-3485. (IF: 1.54)

  15. Himanshu, V.K., Roy, M.P., Shankar, R., Mishra, A.K., and Singh P.K, “Empirical Approach Based Estimation of Charge Factor and Dimensional Parameters in Underground Blasting”, Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration, 38 (2021), p. 1059-1069. (IF: 1.02)  

  16. Himanshu, V.K., Mishra, A.K., Priyadarshi, V., Shankar, R., Yadav, R.S., and Singh P.K., “Estimation of optimum burden for blasting of different rock strata in an Indian Iron Ore Mine”, Journal of the Geological Society of India, 97 (2021) p. 760–766. (IF: 0.89)                                                                 

  17. Sunil Kumar, Katriona Edlmann, Mohamed G Rezk, Chun Y Lim and Jalal Foroozesh, “A comprehensive review of value-added CO2 sequestration in subsurface saline aquifers”, Journal of Natural Gas Science & Engineering, (2020), p. 103437. (IF: 5.285)

  18. Tausif Ahmad, Chandan Guria, and Ajay Mandal. “Optimal synthesis, characterization and antifouling performance of Pluronic F127/bentonite-based super-hydrophilic polyvinyl chloride ultrafiltration membrane for enhanced oilfield produced water treatment” Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry. 90 (2020) 58-75. (IF: 6.064)

  19. Tausif Ahmad, Chandan Guria, and Ajay Mandal. “Kinetic modeling and simulation of non-solvent induced phase separation: Immersion precipitation of PVC-based casting solution in a finite salt coagulation bath” Polymer, 199 (2020) 122527. (IF: 4.430)                                                   

  20. Davood Zivar, Sunil Kumar and Jalal Foroozesh, “Underground hydrogen storage: A comprehensive review”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 46 (45) (2020), pp. 23436-23462. (IF: 7.139)

  21. Shankar, R., Singh, A.K., Satyam, G. P., and Heidi Daxberger, “Active tectonics Influences in the Satluj River basin in and around Rampur, Himachal Himalaya, India”, Journal of Arabian Geosciences, 13 (2020). (IF: 1.327)

  22. Tausif Ahmad, Chandan Guria, and Ajay Mandal. “A review of oily wastewater treatment using ultrafiltration membrane: A parametric study to enhance the membrane performance” Journal of Water Process Engineering 34 (2020) 101289. (IF: 5.485)

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  24. Tausif Ahmad, Chandan Guria, and Ajay Mandal. “Enhanced performance of salt-induced Pluronic F127 and bentonite blended polyvinyl chloride ultrafiltration membrane for the processing of oilfield produced water” Journal of Water Process Engineering 34 (2020) 101144. (IF: 5.485)               

  25. Sunil Kumar, Siddharth Shankhwar, Tausif Ahmad and Ajay Mandal, “Evaluation of Interfacial Properties of Aqueous Solutions of Anionic, Cationic and Non-ionic Surfactants for Application in Enhanced Oil Recovery". Tenside Surfactants Detergents, 56(2) (2019), pp.138-149. (IF: 1.089) 

  26. Aditya K Vind, Sirish Kumar, Sapneshwar Sahoo, Deepanker Asthana, “Comment on “The role of Cpx in Amp fractionation of arc magmas: Evidence from mafic intrusive rocks within the Gangdese arc, southern Tibet” by Wang et al. (2019), Lithos,  (380-381) 2021, p. 105721 (IF 4.02) 

  27. Dubey, R.K. and Shankar, R, “Drainage Pattern and It's Bearings on Relative Active Tectonics of a Region: -A Study in the Son Valley, Central India” Journal of Geological Society of India, 93 (2019), p. 693-703. (IF 0.89)

  28. SK Chaulya, R Trivedi, A Kumar, RK Tiwary, RS Singh, PK Pandey, R Kumar, “Air quality modelling for prediction of dust concentrations in iron ore mines of Saranda region, Jharkhand, India, Atmospheric pollution research”, Vol. 10 (2019) p. 675-688 (IF 4.8)                                                            

  29. Vinay K Rajak, Sunil Kumar, Nitin V Thombre and Ajay Mandal, “Synthesis of Activated Charcoal from Saw-Dust and Characterization for Adsorption of Oil from Oil-In-Water Emulsion”, Chemical Engineering Communications 205(7) (2018), pp. 897-913. (IF: 2.586)

  30. Tausif Ahmad, Chandan Guria, and Ajay Mandal. 2018. “Optimal Synthesis and Operation of Low-Cost Polyvinyl Chloride/Bentonite Ultrafiltration Membranes for the Purification of Oilfield Produced Water.” Journal of Membrane Science 564: 859–77. (IF: 8.742)

  31. Tausif Ahmad, Chandan Guria, and Ajay Mandal. 2018 “Synthesis, Characterization and Performance Studies of Mixed-Matrix Poly(Vinyl Chloride)-Bentonite Ultrafiltration Membrane for the Treatment of Saline Oily Wastewater.” Process Safety and Environmental Protection 116: 703–17. (IF: 6.158)

  32. Deepanker Asthana, Sirish Kumar, Aditya K Vind, Fatima Zehra, Harshvardhan Kumar, Anil M Pophare, “Geochemical fingerprinting of ∼2.5 Ga forearc-arc-backarc related magmatic suites in the Bastar Craton, central India”, Journal of Asian Earth Science, 157 (2018), p. 218-234.(IF 3.37) 

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  34. Shankar, R and Dubey, R.K. (2018). Thermo-seismic response of rock formations of Peninsular India in parts of Central India: -A tectonic prospective approach. National Academy Science Letters, Volume 41, Issue 2, pp 103–106. (Impact Factor 0.41)

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  36. Dubey R.K.; Dar, J.A.; Satyam, G.P. (2018) Geotechnical Facets of Active Sediments and its Bearing on Natural Hazards and Mitigation Measures: An Approach on Sediments of the Nubra Valley (Ladakh), Trans-Himalaya, India Journal of the Geological Society of India, 92(6), pp. 704-712.

  37. S. Singh, S. Kumar, P. Mittal, S. Kanhaiya, P. Prakash, R. Kumar, “Drainage basin parameters of Bagh River, A sub-basin of Narmada river. Central India: Analysis and Implication”, Vol. 20 (2018) pp. 91-102 

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  40. Sunil Kumar and Ajay Mandal, “A comprehensive review on chemically enhanced water alternating gas/CO2 (CEWAG) injection for enhanced oil recovery”, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 157 (2017), pp. 696-715. (IF: 5.168)                                                                                         

  41. Sunil Kumar and Ajay Mandal, “Thermodynamics of micellization, interfacial behavior and wettability alteration of aqueous solution of nonionic surfactants”, Journal of Tenside Surfactant Detergents 54(5) (2017), pp. 427-436. (IF: 1.089)                                                               

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  44. Sunil Kumar, Priyanka Panigrahi, Rohit Kumar Saw and Ajay Mandal, “Interfacial interactions of cationic surfactants and its effect on wettability alteration of oil-wet carbonate rock”, Energy & Fuels, 30(4) (2016), pp. 2846–2857. (IF: 3.605)                                                                               

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  47. Shirsendu Banerjee, Sunil Kumar, Ajay Mandal, Tarun Kumar Naiya, “Selection and Preparation of Solvent for Wax Dissolution in Heavy Crude Oil Wells”, Journal of Modern Chemistry & Chemical Technology 7(1), (2016) 50-57.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Conference papers

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*All the publications are published by the current and ex- staff at SciGlyph. 
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